Career & Education Professional Development Services

Labor Market Data - What It Is and Why It Matters: 

~1.5 hrs :: Geared towards classroom instructors

Learn the importance of of labor market data, where to find it, and how to use it in the classroom. Labor market data helps educators increase career awareness, a foundational aspect of the work-based learning continuum. Attendees will learn how to find up-to-date, region-specific labor market data and how to share it with their students in a meaningful and impactful way. 

Employability Skills 101:

~1.5 hrs :: Geared towards classroom instructors

Those who have daily contact with students will benefit from learning what employability skills are most important to employers and how to implement these skills into the classroom. No matter the subject taught, employability skills are learned in every class during a student’s school day. Attendees will learn easy steps for implementing these skills into the classroom. Educators will leave armed to prepare students to be productive employees in any industry.

Keep the Convo Going - Career Advising Resources:

~1.5 hours:: Geared towards admin, counselors, and classroom instructors

Many tools and resources exist that are useful when engaging in career conversation with students. Attendees will learn where to access career tools and resources and how best to implement career resources in an education setting.

Workforce Solutions for Schools:

~30 minutes:: Geared towards admin, counselors, and classroom instructors:: Available as stand-alone or add-on

Learn about the many programs and initiatives available for students and schools through a relationship with Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas. Includes an overview of the Career and Education Outreach program, Student HireAbility, and the Young Adult program. 

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