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Orientation to Discrimination Complaint Form


  1. 1. Orientation Complaint Form Overview
  2. 2. Instructions on How to File a Complaint
  • Orientation Complaint Form Overview

    1. Addressing complaint procedures for the listed programs and services administered in the local workforce development area by the Workforce Development Board and its Contractors:
      Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA); Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) / CHOICES; Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program Employment & Training (SNAP E&T); Child Care Services (CC); Trade Adjustment Assistance and Trade Readjustment Allowances (TAA and TRA)
    2. Recipient of the federal financial assistance:
      West Central Texas Workforce Development Board located at 500 Chestnut Street, Suite 1200, Abilene, TX 79602
    3. Equal Opportunity (EO) Officer
      Kathy Turner - Telephone: (325) 795-4200/1-800-457-5633/ Relay: 1-800-735-2989 (TTY) or 711 (Voice)
    4. The West Central TX Workforce Board (the Board) shall resolve complaints in a fair and prompt manner. Acts of restraint, interference, coercion, discrimination or reprisal towards complainants exercising their rights to file a complaint under this procedure are prohibited. This procedure applies to all applicants and participants who have cause to file a complaint related to activities or programs administered by the Board. If you have a complaint concerning any of these programs, you may submit your written complaint to the Board’s EO Officer or Contractor, as appropriate. After your complaint has been received, the EO Officer will notify you of the next step in the complaint procedure. As long as you wish to pursue your complaint, the Board or Contractor will follow the steps described in the Complaint Procedure. You should study the Complaint Procedure carefully, and if you feel that steps required by the Complaint Procedure are not being followed, contact the EO Officer. Remember that at any stage of the Complaint Procedure you feel that you are not being provided enough help, you should contact:
    5. Texas Workforce Commission (TWC)
      Boone Fields, TWC EO Officer located at 101 E 15th Street, Rm 504, Austin, TX 78778 Fax: 512-463-8727 Telephone Numbers: 1-512-463-2400/1-800-735-2989(TTY)/1-800-735-2988(Voice)
    6. U.S. Department of Labor
      USDOL Civil Rights Center located at 200 Constitution Avenue NW, Room N-4123, Washington, DC 20210 Telephone Numbers: 1-866-487-2365/1-877-889-5627(TTY)
    7. Equal Opportunity is the Law
      It is against the law for this recipient of Federal financial assistance to discriminate on the following bases: against any individual in the United States, on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions, sex stereotyping, transgender status, and gender identity), national origin (including limited English proficiency), age, disability, political affiliation or belief; or, against any beneficiary of, applicant to, or participant in programs financially assisted under Title I of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, on the basis of the individual’s citizenship status or participation in any WIOA Title I-financially assisted program or activity. The recipient must not discriminate in any of the following areas: Deciding who will be admitted, or have access, to any WIOA Title I financially assisted program or activity; providing opportunities in, or treating any person with regard to, such a program or activity; or making employment decisions in the administration of, or in connection with, such a program or activity. Recipients of federal financial assistance must take reasonable steps to ensure that communications with individuals with disabilities are as effective as communications with others. This means that, upon request and at no cost to the individual, recipients are required to provide appropriate auxiliary aids and services to qualified individuals with disabilities.
    8. What to do if you believe you have experienced discrimination:
      If you think that you have been subjected to discrimination under a WIOA Title I- financially assisted program or activity, you may file a complaint within 180 days from the date of the alleged violation with either: the recipient’s Equal Opportunity Officer (or the person whom the recipient has designated for this purpose); or the Director, Civil Rights Center (CRC), U.S. Department of Labor, 200 Constitution Avenue NW, Room N-4123, Washington, DC 20210, or electronically as directed on the CRC Web site at If you file your complaint with the recipient, you must wait either until the recipient issues a written Notice of Final Action, or until 90 days have passed (whichever is sooner), before filing with the Civil Rights Center (see address above). If the recipient does not give you a written Notice of Final Action within 90 days of the day on which you filed your complaint, you may file a complaint with CRC before receiving that Notice. However, you must file your CRC complaint within 30 days of the 90-day deadline (in other words, within 120 days after the day on which you filed your complaint with the recipient). If the recipient does give you a written Notice of Final Action on your complaint, but you are dissatisfied with the decision or resolution, you may file a complaint with CRC. You must file your CRC complaint within 30 days of the date on which you received the Notice of Final Action.