How are employees paid shared work benefits?
The employer completes a biweekly shared work continued claim list of participating employees so that they can be paid. An interested employer submits to the Commission a Shared Work Plan Application and Employee Participant List by mail or fax. If the plan is approved, workers who qualify for unemployment benefits will receive both wages and Shared Work benefits. The workers will receive the percentage of their regular benefits that matches the percentage of reduction in the employer's plan.

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1. Can an employer have more than one plan?
2. When will the shared work plan begin?
3. If an employer chooses shared work, must the employer use it for his/her entire business or company?
4. If the employer's shared work plan expires but the employees are still working on a reduced work schedule, can the employees receive shared work benefits?
5. What effect will shared work benefits have on an employer's unemployment insurance tax rate?
6. Does the employer need to specify which employees will be included in the shared work program?
7. How are employees paid shared work benefits?
8. Does an employee, who is participating in the shared work program serve a weeklong waiting period?
9. Can an employer put individuals or groups back to work full-time for a week or two and then continue the plan?
10. Can an employer lay off some workers who were originally in the plan and still keep the remainder in the plan?
11. Can the percentages of reduced hours be different for different individuals?
12. Can employees who normally work overtime receive shared work benefits for a reduction in their overtime hours?
13. Can an employer use the shared work program for part-time workers?
14. Do shared work employers have to report earnings from an employee's outside part-time job?