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Child Care Assistance for Service Industry Workers

A new, limited time program is available for eligible workers in the service industry to receive 12 months of care with Child Care Services (CCS) providers at no cost. Individuals who meet income guidelines and are working in qualifying service industries, such as: food service, retail or arts and entertainment who are working at least 25 hours per week and need child care to maintain employment may be eligible to apply. Help with care is first come, first served.

Complete the online application form or download the PDF application, complete, and submit via email or fax to (325) 795-4369.

General Child Care Assistance

Workforce Solutions’ Child Care Services (CCS) program offers financial assistance to help qualifying families pay their child care expenses so they can work, go to school, attend a training program, or look for a job. Families receiving child care assistance must meet federal, state, and local guidelines in order to qualify for child care assistance.

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Services to Child Care Providers

Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas also offers services to child care providers, including information regarding:

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