Do you serve children with disabilities?
Children with disabilities or children who require assistance to perform tasks that are within the typical chronological range of development are welcomed. Workforce Solutions offers special assistance to parents and providers in caring for a child with disabilities.

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1. How do I get on the waiting list to receive assistance for child care?
2. Do you serve children with disabilities?
3. What types of proof do I need to verify my actual income?
4. Will I have to pay a fee for child care assistance?
5. How is the parent's portion of the parent fee calculated?
6. When should I pay the parent fee?
7. How can I receive a reduction in my fee?
8. What happens if I don't pay my parent fee?
9. Who should I call if I don't receive my application forms from Workforce Solutions?
10. What would happen if my forms were late or I don't return the forms to Workforce Solutions?