Report Changes to Case Workers

Reporting Changes

Qualifications for child care services are based on a family’s income, size and work/training hours. Therefore, parents are required to report any change in their family circumstances, which affect their eligibility, to CCS within 14 days. Changes that must be reported include:

  • Change in income which placed family over 85% SMI
  • Change in residence/phone number/contact information
  • Permanent loss or change of employment, education or job training

Just because something has changed doesn’t mean you’re not eligible for CCS assistance! Therefore, report changes that occur by submitting to us as soon as possible! 

Please remember some changes need to be reported before they occur. If you wish to change child care providers or terminate your child care services for 1 or all of your children, you must submit the Report of Change form below and receive approval from CCS prior to making the changes.

Report Changes Button

To learn more about your rights and responsibilities related to reporting changes visit the parent handbook (PDF) page.