Quick Tips

Resume Tips

Do the following when writing your resume:

  • Keep sentences and paragraphs short (no paragraphs with more than 4 lines)
  • Use indented and bulleted statements rather than complete sentences where appropriate
  • Use simple words rather than complex terms that say the same thing
  • Use quantities, amounts, dollar values where they enhance the description of what you did
  • Put the strongest statements or qualifications at the top
  • Have someone check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation; do not submit a resume or cover letter with misspellings or grammar errors
  • Avoid the use of I
  • Do not include hobbies or social interests unless they are clearly related to your qualifications

Resume Do Nots

When writing your resume, do not do the following:

  • Use gimmicks
  • Use pictures
  • Highlight personal problems
  • Include salary information
  • State religion, national origin, or political affiliations

Additional Information

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