Recruiting Services

Find the Right People for the Right Job

Finding the right people to get the job done can be hard work. It often requires a tremendous investment of valuable time and money. That’s where Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas can be a valuable business partner. We can help you find the right people for the right job - at no cost.

Diverse Labor Pool

Drawing from a large diverse labor pool, we can help your business find highly motivated, skilled people to meet your employment needs. Our no-cost recruitment services include:

  • Basic skills (reading / math), interest, and aptitude assessments
  • Customized recruiting, screening, and referral of qualified job applicants
  • Distribution, collection, and screening of job application forms
  • Hosting hiring events
  • Access to a variety of skills assessments
  • Private, fully-equipped rooms for interviewing
  • Posting of job orders and candidate search using Work In Texas, Texas’ most comprehensive online job resource

For More Information

For additional information or assistance, please contact a Business Solutions representative.