Starting A Business

One of the most important things to consider when thinking about starting a business is whether or not you are ready to be a business owner. Investing ample time researching and preparing is crucial to the success of your business, even before you start to invest any money in your business venture!

To help you make those decisions, the Small Business Development Center provides a wealth of expertise and guidance. They have all the resources, research, and assessment tools you need to determine if you are ready and if the region is right for your business idea. They also offer workshops, assistance with developing a business plan, and so much more.

Making a Plan

Once you have a plan for your business, explore the Abilene Christian University Springboard competition. This is a great way to win funding to help get your business started. If you’re a student looking for resources, the Griggs Center for Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy provides a nationally ranked experience to get started down the path to building and owning your own business.

Kauffman FastTrac

Keep the momentum going with Kauffman FastTrac. Find tools to support your business, inspiring content for entrepreneurs, practical solutions, and more. Take comprehensive courses on starting and growing a business online at your own pace, all for free!

Texas Workforce Commission

Ready to dig into what it will take to grow and manage your workforce? Visit the Texas Workforce Commission’s page on starting and growing a business. There you will find information on employment laws, as well as how to register for an Unemployment Tax Account and other helpful links. Additional resources can be found through the Texas State Comptroller and Texas Secretary of State.